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yokujitsu - Exploit / Just vibes EP

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The wide open spaces of North America, the inexplicable boredom, the big houses, the Jack Daniels and marijuana, the guitars and basses and amps and drum sets. This indigenous rock and roll is called stoner rock, and it is still alive as a strong culture.
Japan, on the other hand. As you know, houses are small and towns are overcrowded. The rock bands called "neo-psychedelic" have all fled Japan to avoid the hopeless law, and continue to fight in the world.
Yokujistu is one of the precious psychedelic rock bands currently active in Japan. In East Tokyo, there is a hardcore punk scene centered around the Koiwa Bushbash, and it is not hard to imagine that Nakamura, the leader of a power violence band called leech, received his cultural training there.
To cut a long story short, Yokujitsu is an honest take on stoner rock as indigenous music. There is no sophisticated public image of Tokyo here. The slide guitar sounds reminiscent of surf rock, and the vocals seem to be leaking out more from emotion than singing. It reminded me that Krautrock is strangely compatible with the Japanese body. A few steps before the cold wave, the earthy and hot development of stoner rock comes.
If you take the overly sober jacket as a sign of beauty, you will miss the raw and drunken expression inside.

In Tokyo, multi-layered racial and cultural layers exist, overlapping each other like a rhizome.
And what does it mean that psychedelic rock bands are being born in the Koiwa area today?

2.Just vibes


self released(Japan)

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¥1,100 tax included