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Nancy Bigfoot - Polyester Honey

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アセンションしてしまった頃のコルトレーンを思わせるブロウとドラムスを中心とした渦に、次第にエレクトロニクスの痺れが投げ込まれる。何度もいびつに湧き上がる熱情。Henry CowでTim Hodgkinsonが弾いていたものとそっくりなキリキリとしたトーンのファズキーボードも気まぐれに登場し、花を添える。おそらく即興演奏だが、確かな構築性があり、Peter Brotzmann並みではないかというテンションの高いサックスをレーベルメイトのSean Hartmanが吹いているのが驚きだ。
B面は少し歪んだFender Rhodesの見事なソロで幕を開ける。次第に隙間から湧き出してくる奇妙なループと楽音としてのエレクトロニクス、不気味なテープコラージュ、押しの強いインプロビゼーションの尽きることなきパワフルさ、パルスを徹底しメロディを排除したカオスな展開にはAreaの即興演奏に近いパッションも感じる。

A whirlpool of blows and drums reminiscent of Coltrane at the height of his ascension, with a gradual numbness of electronics thrown in. A fuzz keyboard with a raspy tone, similar to the one played by Tim Hodgkinson in Henry Cow, made a whimsical appearance to add a touch of color. It's a surprise to hear labelmate Sean Hartman playing a high tension saxophone that sounds like Peter Brotzmann.
The B-side opens with an excellent solo on a slightly distorted Fender Rhodes. As the track progresses, strange loops emerge from the gaps, electronics as music, eerie tape collages, and the never-ending power of strong improvisation like Area.
The debut album of this seven-piece (!) group was released in Japan. The group's debut album, is an aggressive free jazz rock reminiscent of a group of cavalrymen, blasting away without regard to the times. They have not compromised at all, and I think this is the kind of punk that has not lost its shape.

1.Mustelid Jabberjaw
2.You Used Too Much Salt Again
3.Zero Point Clams
4.Archival Dirge

Already Dead Tapes(California/US)

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¥1,980 tax included