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V.A. - Summer 2021

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ご存知、スロヴァキアのZ Tapes、夏のサンプラーカセット2021。
トラック11のStargirllの動物園という曲、全く知らなかったのですが、日本のバンド?ユニット?のようです。恐るべしZ Tapes!DLコード付き。

1.Christian Paul Philippi - Drift
2.Asta Rangu - Nico
3.Angie Death - Pomegranate ft. Wake in June (Demo)
4.Archie Sagers - Gold Again
5.tam man - LAKE TEKAPO
6.Oh, Okay - I Rest My Case (Case Closed)
7.Max Oakland - Got Time
8.Justin Blackburn - Don't Go To College
9.SleepygoLucky - bedroom
10.The Planes - Unglued
11.Stargirl - 動物園
12.Staring Down The Sun - Reticence
13.Grease Weasel - Side by Side (We Sat)
14.Matthew Leger - Elope
15.Deming Heights - Good For Now
16.Sunspire - The Waves
17.raul gonzalez jr - driving nonstop to houston tx
18.feeble little horse - Tricks (Drum Machine Version)
19.Sea Grapes - clout chaser
20.ghost prom - sunset yesterday
21.Ghost Fan Club - bed
22.Repulsive Woman - Julia Knows Beauty
23.Paperclip - Squirrel
24.Goodparley - Dawn Chorus
25.Crush Bouquet - Cul-de-sac
26.Meadows - Honey Tea


Z Tapes(Slovakia)

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¥1,320 tax included