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ivy z - under a red moon, pt.1 & pt.2

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Z Tapesより荘厳かつ流麗な作品のリリースを続けてきたチェコのドリームポップバンドBillow。sそのヴォーカルであるLenkaさんがivy zという名前で発表したソロアルバムが届きました。毎週1曲ずつ配信された16曲を一本のカセットテープに収録。時たま添えられるギターと共に、ピアノの音が恭しくて、どこかノスタルジックな心も漂うSad/Slow Core経由のベッドルームポップ作品。DLコード付き。

1.10,000 dawns
2.red wine
4.cape town
7.can't trust anyone
8.like a hunter i never sleep
9.city lights
10.shot by a dream
12.the war was lost
13.red dress dirty
14.coldness shakes my body hard
16.crescent moon

It has been a few years since I wrote a song all by myself. Last spring I bought a piano, the first instrument I ever played, and started composing songs on an almost everyday basis.

Although I love cooperating with other people, solo work seemed to be something new and fresh. It was interesting to see how songs arose and developed under my supervision, as such a feeling had been partly unknown to me.

After some time, ideas and songs kept piling up, and soon I felt buried under the unfinished tracks. The thought of spending weeks finishing them as "proper singles" or a part of a "proper album" was just too stressful for me.

I wanted to keep it as relaxed and casual as possible. I didn't want to destroy the intimacy that was so prevalent during the first takes, so most of the parts you hear are not re-recorded.

Inspired by Jens Lekman's series Postcards, I decided to choose one idea every week, give it a few days of necessary care and share it with you every Tuesday. More or less finished, they will show up here.

The 'under a red moon' project ended 13th of July, 2021; after 16 weeks of recording.

Thank you all for listening!


Z Tapes(Slovakia)

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¥1,320 tax included