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The Gerogerigegege - Uguisudani Apocalypse wooden box set

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The Gerogerigegegeこと山之内純太郎は80年代から常に挑戦的な視点で「音楽とは何か」を再定義し続けている日本のアーティストだ。
内容は主に国産のモンドなレア・グルーヴ集。国産レア・グルーヴとはHARD OFFの奥底でその時を待ちながら眠る一本50円の演歌カセットたち、全くレコードマニアたちの関心を引かず100円で埃を被るあらゆる年代の邦楽レコードたちのことだ。表ノリでこぶしが利いたテナーサックスが乗ったジャズ、ファンク。4度の和音。美しいクリーントーンのギター。精緻なアレンジ。演歌のカセットにはカラオケ・バージョンが高確率で収録されている。そこは時代時代に狂い咲いた異形のコンテンポラリーミュージックの宝庫だが、その絶妙なチョイスとエディットは匠の技というほかない。B面は著名な初期作品「パンクの鬼」の路線を突き詰めて洗練させたような未発表曲で構成されたロックパート。昭和の残り香と共にメインストリームから消えていくロックという文化に対する鎮魂歌のようでもあり、必聴。


If you are not familiar with the artist The Gerogerigegege, please watch this video first.

Juntaro Yamanouchi, aka The Gerogerigegegege, is a Japanese artist who has been constantly redefining "what music is" from a challenging perspective since the 1980s.
Uguisudani Apocalypse" was created as a soundtrack to the town of Uguisudani in Tokyo itself.
The contents are mainly a collection of Japanese mondo rare grooves. Domestic rare grooves are the enka cassettes for 50 yen each that lie in the depths of the hard-off, waiting for their time to come, and Japanese music records of all ages that do not attract the attention of record enthusiasts, but gather dust for 100 yen. Jazz and funk with a fistful of tenor saxophone, chords in the fourth degree. Beautiful clean-tone guitars. Elaborate arrangements. Cassettes of enka songs often contain karaoke versions.
It is a treasure trove of atypical contemporary music that has gone mad in its time, and the exquisite choices and editing are the work of a master.

The B-side is a rock part consisting of previously unreleased songs that seem to have been refined along the lines of the famous early work "Tokyo Anal Dynamite". It is a requiem for the culture of J-Rock that is disappearing from the mainstream along with the rest of the Showa era, and it is a must-listen.
For those who are proud of the constant updates, it does not matter if it disappears, but rather a deep look at the things that many people ignore and try to forget, but certainly still exist in large numbers.
The artwork showing two men in fashions that strongly suggest gay culture also seems to symbolize the strength of a culture that is ignored by the majority but has indeed been handed down from generation to generation.

I would like to paste a video of this album uploaded on Youtube as a sample, but to my surprise, the version in this box has a completely new and surprising edit that goes against the grain of the original. This edition comes in a black wooden box and is presented in cassette format as a work of art (see inside liner for details). Limited to 300 numbered copies.
Presenting a work in lo-fi sound means that any sound has the power to become music the moment it is played and transmitted to the human ear.
A sounds flows, anyones cannot ignore it. They might call the police.

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