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if i die in mississippi - before i leave

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1. the first time i saw you
2. almost always almost raining
3. Nebraska!
4. flicking ashes into the crevice between your bed and the wall
5. inside/outside cat
6. headed back from the creek in whoever's truck
7. searching for something that looks familiar, but finding nothing
8. silver sequin mini skirt (feat. Him Horrison)
9. drunk and naked in the field behind your house
10. nintendo 64 (Alex G)
11. over romanticizing the laundromat at night
12. when i was invincible (it could always be colder)
13. going to the movies alone
14. the perfect flannel shirt; was a pajama top all along
15. venus in saggitarius (feat. if i die in mississippi) - Franz Mrdr
16. thrash particle (Modern Baseball)
17. her sinking sun (Coma Cinema)


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¥1,430 tax included